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Kang Naixian

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HEBEI HEX IMP. & EXP. COMPANY takes great care in selecting the herbs and herbal products. also Has own pollution-free planting base and manufacturer on the processing of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). These herbs and herbal products have been exported to many countries such as Japan, Korea, the USA, Africa and etc.
Safety, effectiveness, tradition, science, and professionalism are the values that HEX believes in and guarantees to the customers.
HEX selects manufacturers carefully and constantly monitor the quality control processes for our products.

Kang Naixian:
Contains a variety of micronutrient needed by the body, can improve blood circulation, enhance the body’s metabolism, with heart clearing dryness, detoxification, beauty, anti-aging, regulation of the female endocrine system function. For tonsil inflammation, acute otitis media, acute tympanitis, acute conjunctivitis, acute lymphangitis and other diseases; it has nourishing Yin and tonifying kidney, strengthening vital energy, regulating Qi and blood, regulating endocrine, moistening skin and hair. SAFFLOWER: for activating blood circulation, removing blood stasis, irregular menstruation abdominal pain, measles heat toxin, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipid effect.

Carnation (scientific name: Dianthus’Carnation’): It is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Caryophyllaceae family and the genus Dianthus. It is a general name for many horticultural species of the genus Dianthus. It is a perennial herb with a height of 70-100 cm and semi-ligninized base. The whole plant is white powder and grayish green. The stem is hard and brittle, and the knots are enlarged. The leaves are linear-lanceolate, the whole edge is thick, the upper part is curved outwards, opposite, and the base is holding the stem. The flowers are usually solitary and arranged in an umbrella shape. The corolla is hemispherical, the calyx is long and cylindrical, the bud is acorn-shaped, and the petals are fan-shaped. The inner petals of the flowers are mostly shrunken. The flower colors are red, pink, goose yellow, white, deep red, etc., as well as agate and other colors and borders. , There is fragrance.
Carnations include many varieties and hybrids, which can bloom almost continuously in the greenhouse. The flowers are abundant and come in many shapes and colors. Usually the fragrance is full and the flowering time is long, very suitable for bouquets and gardens. They are valued for their beauty, charm, lilac-like fragrance and lasting freshness. Since 1907, pink carnations have been used as a symbol of Mother’s Day, so they are often used as flowers for mothers today.
It is native to the Mediterranean region, and is widely cultivated in Asia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and other countries. In Europe, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands are also cultivated on a large scale. It is one of the most commonly used flowers in the world.

We has always adhered to the ideals of “sincerity, reliability and the pursuit of excellence”. We are devoted to provide efficient and value-added services to our customers. We firmly believed that we can do well in this field and thank you so much for our esteemed clients' support !

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