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Rose tea

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HEBEI HEX IMP. & EXP. COMPANY takes great care in selecting the herbs and herbal products. also Has own pollution-free planting base and manufacturer on the processing of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). These herbs and herbal products have been exported to many countries such as Japan, Korea, the USA, Africa and etc.
Safety, effectiveness, tradition, science, and professionalism are the values that HEX believes in and guarantees to the customers.
HEX selects manufacturers carefully and constantly monitor the quality control processes for our products.

Rose, beauty effect is outstanding, to eliminate freckles, wrinkles, significant effect, weight loss, Li Qi Jie Yu, Huo Xue San Yu, improve dry skin, promote blood circulation, metabolism, relieve Heat, protect liver, stomach and intestine, prevent cancer, relax nerves, lower blood pressure and blood lipid, treat stomach-qi stagnation and abdominal pain, also used for irregular menstruation, relieve dysmenorrhea

Roses are rich in vitamins A, C, B, E, K, and tannins, which can improve endocrine disorders, relieve fatigue and help wound healing. Regulate qi and blood, regulate female physiological problems, promote blood circulation, beautify, regulate menstruation, diuresis, relax gastrointestinal nerves, anti-wrinkle, anti-frostbite, beauty and beauty. When the body is tired and sore, it is quite suitable to take some massage.

1. Tea set: you can use porcelain, pottery, or glass
2. Water: The water should be of good quality, mineral water, pure water or mountain spring water is better.
3. Washing tea: Rose tea should not be washed with water at too high temperature. It is generally better to rinse with boiling water for a while. Because the tea leaves inside are green tea, green tea leaves quickly, so the rinse should be faster.
4. Drinking: brewed tea is suitable for hot drink. When you drink hot, the fragrance of the flowers is rich and refreshing.

Rose buds are made into dried flowers. Use 5 to 7 at a time, with a small pinch of tender green tea, add three red dates (to remove the core), and make tea with boiling water every day. You can go to the heart and keep you energetic. Increase your vitality, long-term drinking, but also make you look pale and red, and maintain youthful beauty.

We has always adhered to the ideals of “sincerity, reliability and the pursuit of excellence”. We are devoted to provide efficient and value-added services to our customers. We firmly believed that we can do well in this field and thank you so much for our esteemed clients' support !

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