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Flower Fruit Tea

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HEBEI HEX IMP. & EXP. COMPANY takes great care in selecting the herbs and herbal products. also Has own pollution-free planting base and manufacturer on the processing of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). These herbs and herbal products have been exported to many countries such as Japan, Korea, the USA, Africa and etc.
Safety, effectiveness, tradition, science, and professionalism are the values that HEX believes in and guarantees to the customers.
HEX selects manufacturers carefully and constantly monitor the quality control processes for our products.

Flower Fruit Tea
The Flower Fruit Tea can cure a cold, it is the active vitamin C contained in the tea itself that is in action, vitamin C can enhance immunity, make the human body enhance disease resistance.

Flower nectar, also known as fruit tea, is a kind of tea-like beverage. It is made by concentrated and dried various flowers and fruits. The ingredients contain various vitamins, fruit acids and minerals, but do not contain Caffeine and tannins, various different flavors of flower nectar have slightly different ingredients, but still use hibiscus, rose fruit, orange peel and apple slices as the main components, which can still maintain the flowers and fruits after brewing The original flavor, rich fruity aroma, combined with rock sugar, can soothe the mood, and have the effect of beauty and beauty

Reconcile spleen and stomach
German flower nectar contains a lot of vitamin C, and various fruits and flowers have their own characteristics. Among them, grape is sweet in taste, calm in nature, nourishes liver and kidney, nourishes qi and blood, promotes body fluid, and facilitates urination; apple is sweet in taste, cool in nature, promotes body fluid and quenches thirst, clears heat and relieves trouble, invigorates the spleen and relieves diarrhea, and also cures dry stool; papaya , Citrus peels digest food and invigorate the stomach, increase appetite; rose flower tastes bitter, cool in nature, clears heat and dampness, expels wind, promotes blood circulation, and detoxifies; rose has sweet taste, warm nature, promotes qi and relieves depression, and relieves pain with blood. The various effects are different, all of which are related to regulating the qi of the spleen and stomach.

Treat colds
Flower nectar tea can cure colds. It is the active vitamin C contained in the tea itself. Vitamin C can improve immunity and strengthen the body’s ability to resist diseases. Drinking a cup of fruit tea is actually equivalent to drinking a cup of fresh juice. In Germany, some people often use flower nectar as an auxiliary method to treat diseases with drugs, thinking that it can shorten the course of the disease.

The shelf life of flower nectar and herbal tea is different: as long as the nectar sold in the market is sealed, it can be stored for up to two years. The lifespan of herbal tea is closely related to the storage method and the degree of sealing. The best storage environment can be stored for one year, and the storage environment is generally about half a year.

The general storage method is to use a dry container and store in a cool, dry environment. Drink as soon as possible after opening to ensure freshness. When taking it, use a dry spoon. It is recommended to put the scented tea in the freezer of the refrigerator, and keep it away from fishy smells during storage and avoid placing it with fish, seafood and other foods.

Pregnant women are not allowed to consume flower and fruit tea.

We has always adhered to the ideals of “sincerity, reliability and the pursuit of excellence”. We are devoted to provide efficient and value-added services to our customers. We firmly believed that we can do well in this field and thank you so much for our esteemed clients' support !

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