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Bupleurum root

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HEBEI HEX IMP. & EXP. COMPANY takes great care in selecting the herbs and herbal products. also Has own pollution-free planting base and manufacturer on the processing of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). These herbs and herbal products have been exported to many countries such as Japan, Korea, the USA, Africa and etc.
Safety, effectiveness, tradition, science, and professionalism are the values that HEX believes in and guarantees to the customers.
HEX selects manufacturers carefully and constantly monitor the quality control processes for our products.

Bupleurum root:
for Cold and fever, cold and heat exchanges, malaria, liver stagnation, chest and ribs pain, prolapsed anus, uterine abscission, irregular menstruation

Bupleurum, the name of Chinese medicine. It is a herbal medicine included in the “Chinese Pharmacopoeia”. The medicinal part is the dried root of Bupleurum or Bupleurum angustifolia. Excavate in spring and autumn, remove stems, leaves and sediment, and dry. Bupleurum is a commonly used antidote. Also known as ground smoke, mountain vegetables, mushroom grass, firewood, it is bitter in nature and taste, slightly cold, and belongs to the liver and gall meridian. It has the effect of reconciling the exterior and interior, soothing the liver and raising yang. Used for colds and fever, cold and heat, malaria, stagnation of liver and qi, sternal pain, prolapse, uterine prolapse, irregular menstruation.

We has always adhered to the ideals of “sincerity, reliability and the pursuit of excellence”. We are devoted to provide efficient and value-added services to our customers. We firmly believed that we can do well in this field and thank you so much for our esteemed clients' support !

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