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Fruit Blossom Tea Efficacy

Reconcile Spleen And Stomach

German flower nectar contains a large amount of vitamin C, and various fruits and flowers have their own characteristics. Among them, grape is sweet in taste, dao is calm in nature, nourishes the liver and kidney, nourishes qi and blood, promotes body fluid, promotes urination; Papaya and citrus peels digest food and invigorate the stomach, increase appetite; rose flower has a bitter taste, cool in nature, clears heat and dampness, dispels wind, promotes blood circulation, and detoxifies; rose has sweet taste, warm nature, promotes qi and relieves depression, and relieves pain with blood. The various effects are different, all of which are related to regulating the qi of the spleen and stomach.

Treat Colds

Flower nectar tea can cure colds. It is the active vitamin C contained in the tea itself. Vitamin C can improve immunity and strengthen the body’s ability to resist diseases. Drinking a cup of fruit tea is actually equivalent to drinking a cup of fresh juice. In Germany, some people often use flower nectar as an auxiliary method to treat diseases with drugs, thinking that it can shorten the course of the disease.

Extended Information:


Flower nectar is made from fruits with flowers and tea, and it is said to have a history of hundreds of years. Generally Europeans like to drink coffee, but for Germans, flower and nectar tea is an important part of their diet. Not only German elderly like to drink it, but German women also regard this tea as an indispensable beauty product.


There are many flavours such as Paris Champs, unrestrained lover, full-fledged dream, hibiscus on the water, European style, beautiful lady, black forest, summer feeling, blueberry affection, etc. The rich fruit smell smells sour.

The pure flower and fruit tea is divided into 4 flavors: Paris Champs, Blue Melancholy, Unrestrained Lover, Purple House Magic Medicine, all have their own advantages in the medical world.

The so-called flower nectar tea is based on the fruit seeds and flowers and leaves of Chinese medicine as the main materials, which is suitable for rhizomes and other Chinese medicines. It is fresh and natural, healthy, and non-toxic and side effects.

Post time: Sep-14-2020