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Efficacy Of Rose Extract

Efficacy and purpose Gentle nature, can ease emotions, balance endocrine, nourish blood, beautify skin care, regulate liver and stomach, relieve fatigue, improve physical fitness, rose tea has a delicate and elegant taste, which can ease emotions and relieve Relieving depression, it can improve endocrine disorders, relieve back pain, relieve fatigue and wound healing, nourish and nourish skin, skin care and beauty, promote blood circulation, protect liver, stomach and liver, eliminate fatigue, and promote blood circulation. Regulates blood qi, promotes blood circulation, promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis, eases emotions, and adjusts endocrine. It is most suitable for women who are obese due to endocrine disorders, regulates qi and blood, and regulates female physiological problems; the most important thing is its beauty and beauty effects. Drinking can remove dark spots on the skin, make the skin white and natural, and help prevent wrinkles. It can improve physique. Drink more for weight loss with liver stagnation and qi stagnation, which helps to lose weight; it has the effect of breast enhancement and menstruation regulation; it can also moisturize the intestines and relax bowel movements. A good product for beauty and slimming. Because rose tea has a strong floral scent, it is also effective in treating bad breath. Long-term drinking can improve sleep. Rose tea also has the effect of helping digestion and reducing fat, so it can lose weight. Drinking it after meals is the best.
① Treat liver and stomach qi pain, vomiting blood, irregular menstruation, and dysentery.
② Treatment of spleen and stomach weakness, yin deficiency cough, loss of appetite, indigestion, constipation and other diseases.
③Apply to beverages, candies and health foods.
Powdery extract: soluble in water Liquid extract: soluble in water. Oily extract: fat-soluble

Post time: Sep-14-2020