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Every 16:00 丨 19 provinces start to collect Chinese patent medicines; Li: The public offering review of the Beijing Stock Exchange will not stop before the opening of the market; Huawei Xu Zhijun: There is a middle pull in Yongmengchun, funny speculation on concept stocks of Hongou, Europe and Europe

Every 12 o’clock | The National Development and Reform Commission studies policies and measures for a large number of coal companies to make huge profits; the foreign exchange bureau: the rise of the renminbi above 6.4 is a manifestation of market pressure; the China Performing Arts Association boycotts Li Yundi
Every 8 o’clock | When will China’s CDC Yimingxun “strengthen the needle” be opened for all people; Inner Mongolia Jinaqi added 5 new crowns and piracy; the United States decided to withdraw its punitive denials against many European countries
Every 25th through the AI ​​News, Hubei Province Pharmaceutical Price and Bidding and Purchasing Management Service Network publishes the “Announcement of Centralized Procurement of Proprietary Chinese Medicine Interprovincial Alliance (No. 1).” According to the “Announcement”, 19 provinces including Hubei, Shanxi, and Hebei have participated in the procurement of proprietary Chinese medicines in this procurement alliance, including all medical institutions in the alliance area. Medical insurance designated medical institutions and designated pharmacies are encouraged to participate in accordance with the relevant regulations of the alliance area. Just like last time, choose the 76 medium-sized products produced by independent Chinese enterprises with large clinical usage, high purchase amount, and the procurement cycle is in principle 2 years, and the actual implementation date is selected. Tightening, if the procurement cycle is completed ahead of schedule, the procurement volume will be selected at that time, and some midway companies will still supply at the mid-price until the expiration of each week. (Hubei Pharmaceutical Price and Bidding Management Service Network)
Every AI news, Huawei officially releases Euro Express on All Social 2021. In the afternoon, Huawei’s rotating boss Xu Xu said in the media promotion that Huawei will create two in the future, one is Hongmeng Agency, the other is Ou Hongmeng’s Internet application scenarios are smart terminals, IoT terminals and industrial terminals; Euler Internet, In-depth Computing, cloud and embedded devices. Xu Zhijun also, only a company that builds a version of XX based on open source can earn income from Euler. He also woke up early and must be cautious about the attitude of Hongmeng concept stocks. “I saw Hongmeng concept stocks have walked several times and became a company of Hongmeng Software by myself. I don’t know how it brought growth through Hongmeng? Everyone. Brighten it up.” (China Securities Journal)
After AI, Soochow Securities believes that U.S. debt news may begin to focus more on the market’s repricing of early interest rate hikes, and remains cautious about the space for U.S. debt to move. Since the trend of U.S. Treasuries in 10 years basically assumes that the market expects the number of interest rate hikes within a day after the first interest rate hike, the market expects adjustments to the “explosive interest rate hike in 2020 and three interest rate hikes in 2023″. , Along the way, along the way, the driving force of the US debt along the way.
According to the AI ​​Express, on September 25, Li Chun, deputy general manager of Beijing Yongchun Co., Ltd., published the “Multi-level Capital Market Economic Development Forum” in the 202 Village Forum Parallel Forum 1 and stated that the Beijing Stock Exchange was open before the opening of the market. The issuance review is not suspended. Announced the establishment of Beijiao Company, 10 companies have passed the review of the committee and are in the process of meeting. Seamless. (China Securities Network)
Every AI newsletter, from 06:00 on September 24th to 06:00 on September 25th, Nanyang, Henan Province encountered a heavy rainstorm. The Yakou Reservoir River has a large discharge volume since 4 o’clock on September 25, and the discharge volume will reach the maximum flood discharge for white people. The low-lying area in the downtown area of ​​Yangyang City may form a possible city-defense Hanoi depression. At present, flood control II has been activated. In response to the level, the masses are invited to watch the floodway, promptly transfer to avoid danger, strengthen the supervision of the police, and ensure the safety of personnel and property. (CCTV News)
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